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Insulated Mugs, Bowls, Tumblers and Disposable Lids

Heritage, Turnbury and Classic insulated mugs and bowls give you a choice of rich, contemporary colors and styles, plus superior temperature retention. All of these collections are designed to coordinate with our traycover, napkin and menu ensembles.

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Swirl Tumblers and lids
Swirl Tumblers and Lids
(6 oz., 9 oz., & 12 oz.)
Turnberry Mugs, Bowls, Domes
Turnbury Mugs, Bowls, Domes
Disposable Lids
are available for
every application.

Our Iced Tea Tumbler with
it´s snap-on lid
fits on every patient tray!


Ice Tea Tumbler with Snap-On Lid
Tea Tumbler and Lid

High Heat Products for Convection and Cook/Chill Systems

Our high temperature mugs, bowls, domes, inserts and lids are made specifically for high temperature rethermalization. Perfect for Unitron 5/7, Socamel, Burlodge and Cook/Chill Systems.


High Heat Inserts
High Heat Inserts

High Heat Mugs, Bowls & Lids
High Heat Mugs, Bowls & Lids

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