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Lip and Tape Clear Bags
Lip and Tape Clear Bags
(Peels away and folds to seal)

Lip & Tape Clear Bag Sizes:
40400 4" x 4" Bag
65650 6½" x 6½" Bag
10800 10" x 8" Sandwich Bag
80100 8" x 10" Sandwich Bag
14140 14" x 14" Clear Flat Sandwich Wrap

Flatbread Tray
Flatbread Tray
Catalog Number: 77445
200 Per Case

Brown Bag with Cello
Brown Bag with Clear Cello Window
9" x 6" x 2"
Catalog Number: 321197
1,000 Per Case

Clear and Black Round Bowls
Clear & Black Round Bowls
with Snap-On Lids

High Performance Plate Heater
Clear Square Bowl
with Snap-On Lids

Folding Sandwich Wedge
Folding Sandwich Wedge
Catalog Number: CP-ST11
500 Per Case

Folding Tortilla Box
Catalog Number: CP-TS5
500 Per Case

Grease Resistant Trays

Grease Resistant Food Trays
(6 Sizes)

Black 4.5 Oz Square Containter
Black 4.5 Ounce Square Container
Catalog Number: 55643
5,000 Per Case
Lunch Box with Window
Lunch Box with Window
9" x 7½" x 3"
Catalog Number: 2449
200 Per Case
Perfect for Retail & Catering

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